GC Damen 1: Facing relegation

HC Olten - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 3:2

We started our Sunday by a beautiful, snowy, windy, rainy drive towards Basel. In the team were a few (partially) injured or ill players (Jose, Tanja, Wanda, Sabine, Vera), who were desperately needed and worked hard to be able to contribute to the team.

After our tactical meeting, without any videos due to technical problems (no adapter, because the match day actually took place in FRANCE), we had a solid and fast warm-up to get ready against HC Olten. We totally forgot our first game against them (4-0 loss) and started with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm.

We were playing our system well and our GC forwards were getting dangerous in front of the goal. After playing out from the defense, Noortje deflected the ball to Viola and she scored our first goal of the day! Unfortunately 5 minutes later we had a little miscommunication in our defence and Olten took the opportunity and scored the 1:1. We continued playing and kept the good spirit in the team. Olten unfortunately did the same as well and took the advantage of a short corner for the 2:1. But GC kept the spirit, stayed solid in the defence and continued doing the things we practiced in trainings. Out of a beautiful well trained tactic, Noortje had the opportunity to make the 2:2.

6 minutes before the end, Ron took a time-out to prepare us for the last 6 minutes without a keeper. Unfortunately we got a bit nervous  and didn’t take the advantage of playing with 6 players. Some dangerous attacks were not enough and Olten scored with a backhand flip over Lous and Tanja the 3:2.

Grasshopper Club Zürich -Basler HC --- 0:5

Facing relegation to NLB we had nothing to lose and aimed at having fun on the pitch, playing our game. Basel didn’t attack as strongly as was anticipated during the pep talk. Therefore our defense could calmly play the ball to each other to try and find a hole. It was clear that no balls made it through the middle, but we used the outsides to get through. Unfortunately the forwards struggled many times receiving the ball, turn and put pressure on the goal. Where was our goal instinct (does that word exist in English? Well, you know what I mean!)?

Basel stayed solid and managed to score 1:0 and 2:0, one of the goals by a short corner. GC’s mistakes were found in the basics: sticks not down, feet in the way, running with the ball or playing the ball straight into the opponent’s flat stick. Frustration started and the half time score was 4:0.

The second half started from zero: Ron pointed out to focus on what’s going well, and so we tried and put in a lot of effort. The fun came back, and we had a few chances. But to no avail, and Basel used our weaknesses for the final score of 5:0.

All in all it has to be said, that we worked really hard and we improved a lot during the season. Unfortunately we were cursed with so many injuries, that the coaches Ron Stöckli and Marcel Fierz had to struggle finding enough players for both NLA and NLB teams. Now it’s time for a well needed rest to lick our wounds and come back strong in the new year.

Let’s keep the spirit high in 2018 !!

GC Players: Josefine Quack (TW), Lous de Haart (C), Wanda Kupferschmid, Wendela Koelman, Tanja Melle, Noortje de Wert, Vera Kapell, Susie Dappen, Viola Trippe, Julia Fröschner, Sabine Glagau

Goals: Noortje de Wert, Viola Trippe

Coach: Ron Stöckli