GC Damen 1: Finally our first goals of the new indoor-season

Basler HC - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 3:1

GC started the game day in Geneva with a video analysis of a Basel game to focus on their offensive and defensive work. Tactically and physically well prepared, we started the game at 15:00. Josefine did a great job defending two penalty strokes in the beginning of the first half and as the game went on we managed to find spaces in Basel‘s defense. However, we still couldn’t stop Basel from scoring two goals in the first half. We struck back with a goal by Noortje which made the match interesting again.

The intensity persisted in the second half and with four minutes left on the clock we took our goalie out and continued with six players in the field. Unfortunately, it didn’t give us the desired outcome and Basel scored their third goal.

Grasshopper Club Zürich -Black Boys Genf --- 1:4

Highly motivated to find adequate responses to Black Boys' tactics, we recharged ourselves and started out on our second game. Keeping calm and focused, our defence managed to play the ball back and forth, patiently waiting for opportunities to reveal themselves. At the same time, our host was playing fast balls and proved to be evenly eager to find ways into our circle. In the heat of the moment, they managed to get a penalty-stroke, which they scored: 1:0. Despite our efforts to play hard, simple passes and keep possession of the ball, a second score could not be prevented. However, we kept faith in our tactics. This paid off when our strikers were exactly where they had to be, and a strong pass by Viola was skillfully landed behind the Black Boys goalie by Susie: 2:1. Just before half time unfortunately an individual action by a fast Black Boys player put the score to 3:1.

In the second half we managed to take control of the match a few times, focusing once again on patient and precise passing. This created a few chances, and we all worked hard to find ways to score again. Our positive and dedicated team spirit could not prevent Black Boys from getting a penalty corner though. A hard and precise push resulted in a goal for them: 4:1. We resisted all other attacks of the Geneva team, and worked hard until the last minute. Despite the result, we cherish our newly found team spirit and look forward to improving our technics and tactics for next weekend when we will meet Luzern and Rotweiß Wettingen.

GC Players:
Josefine Quack (GK), Wendela Koelman, Lous De Haart, Tanja Melle, Noortje de Wert, Vera Kapell, Constanze Hopf, Susie Dappen, Viola Trippe

Goals: Noortje de Wert, Susie Dappen

Coach: Ron Stöckli