GC Damen: Defeat in Geneva against Black Boys

On the way to the match we enjoyed the beautiful view from our private coach and arrived to perfect weather in Geneva. The first half of the game was rough; however, the second half went considerably better! This was primarily due to the change to a strong zone defense.

Viola had a nice breakaway, Jose had many fantastic saves, and Lous and Laura were great leaders in the defense. Nina and Wanda continued to prove themselves as great new additions to the team - and of course Ron continued to greatly motivate his new team!

On the way back the overall mood improved with the help of a few beers and another 'schönes panorama'!!

GC Players: Conny, Wanda, Viola, Vane, Laura, Nina, Dinah, Vera, Tanja, Julia, Mathilde, Jose, Nani, Lous, Susie

Coach: Ron

Fans: GC men's team!