GC Damen: Basel visits GC for the Swiss Cup

The match started on Saturday with the sun shining over our heads. It was Lukas's last game as our coach so we wanted to give him a nice goodbye.

We planned to build up on our defensive skills and our team work but Basel surprised with a goal early enough to show us there was no more time for preparations.

The second goal came together with a confusion of a refereeing decision but this lead us to a half time 0-2.

The half time talk helped a lot and we decided together that we would try a new tactical strategy. We managed to put Basel under pressure and make them make mistakes. We got out of our own half and opened up the game.

There was one goal in the 3rd quarter for Basel and another one on the 4th but we also got some chances to play balls on their field.

Tilia got stronger in the goal and made some great stops. Special thanks and welcome goes to Nina and Nadja, who were playing for GC for the first time.

Now we will be waiting for our revenge and  beat Basel in the Swiss league in October!

GC Players: Conny, Dinah, Hanna, Lyndsay, Lynne, Mathilde, Nadja, Nina, Noortje, Tanja, Tilia (TW), Vera, Viola, Wendela and Vanesa.

Coaches: Ron & Lukas