GC Damen: GC Ladies lost the last match of the season in penalty shoot outs

On Saturday the GC ladies went to Lausanne to fight their last match of the season in the NLB league. Next to the beautiful lake Leman and under the burning sun, our team came to win three points.

However, GC was not able to put the desired pressure during the first minutes and faced a strong Lausanne team. Maybe it was due to the hot temperatures, but the atmosphere quickly became heated on the pitch. GC made several good attacks but also had to defend more attacks from Lausanne than what we had expected.

In the second quarter, GC got a short corner, which Inga nicely shot into the goal... We already thought we were leading the score, but the referees had seen it as a high and dangerous ball and therefore did not give GC the goal... After quite some arguments the match continued even more aggressively, with several green cards for Lausanne and one for GC. Both teams made strong attempts to finally open the score, but neither managed to successfully finalize their attacks.

The forth quarter ended 0:0, which meant we had to go into penalty shoot outs!
Our goalie, Dorine saved Lausanne's first shoot. Inga brought GC's first shoot into the goal past the right leg of the goalie. Lausanne's shot two goals and Mieke scored for GC. After the 5 shoot outs it's again tie, 2:2... suspense until the last minute! Unfortunately, Lausanne wins the final shoot out. The GC ladies are not able to end the season with a win.

Looking back at this outdoor season, the GC ladies have not shown their strongest performance. But despite a disappointing ranking, we always fought as a team and most importantly, we always had fun playing hockey together! Now, we have to take advantage of the summer to prepare ourselves, to build up the fighting spirit and motivation to start off the next season strongly! We thank our coach Lukas for his huge support and great trainings throughout the season!

GC Players:
Dorine van Overbeck, Claudia Fux-Waldvogel, Lynne Scollay, Viola Trippe, Mieke Franken, Wendela Koelman, Noortje de Wert, Lyndsay Lomax, Hanna Wettstein, Virginia Friedrich, Inga Bartels, Mathilde Dupin

Goals: Inga Bartels, Mieke Franken

Coach: Lukas Rollof