GC Damen: Victory in the Zürich Derby

GC starting off putting great pressure on the Red Sox defense, with a number of chances being created.  Red Sox struggled to keep the ball out of their own half for most of the first quarter. Any loose balls were quickly intercepted and dispersed by Mieke, who was steadfast in defense throughout the game.
In the second quarter, after some great pressure from the forward line, GC forced the first of several short corners.  GC were hungry in attack and after a goal mouth scramble Meike was able to find the back board, for the only goal of the game.  Great linking play from the midfield of Nienke,  Susie and Noortje created several chances that were unfortunate not to be converted to the score board. 
The last quarter saw some breaks from Red Sox which challenged the defense. Great communication from Tilia in goal kept marking tight and strong play from Laura and Romy ensured the ball was sent back to the opposite end of the pitch.  The forward line worked tireless to put pressure on the Red Sox goalkeeper and Nina and Virginia were close to scoring on several occasions. 

Grasshoppers dominated the game, responding to the instructions from Coach Lukas and were happy to claim the three points.   

GC Players:
Tilia Schneider (GK), Mieke Franken (C), Laura Poulastrou, Clara Baumhaur, Susie Däppen, Conny Hopf, Virginia Friedrich,
Hanna Wettstein, Noortje de Wert, Romy de Koning, Nienke Brinkmann, Lynne Scollay, Nina van der Veen, Viola Trippe,
Mathilde Dupin

Coach: Lukas Roloff