GC Damen: Easy win - GC vs. Stade Lausanne 4:0

After winning the match against Red Socks last week, and after the first two outdoor practices the GC ladies were looking for another win against Stade Lausanne this weekend!

It was a beautiful spring day and the ladies started the match anxious and determined. During the first quarter ball possession was mainly for GC and in the 14th minute this was rewarded after a short corner was gained. The ball went high and reached Tanja, who scored. 1:0 for GC!

With this head start and Lukas advice during the break, we started the second quarter relaxed. The ball was still ours and both Susie and Hanna created some nice chances, but unfortunately missed. Then in the 25th minute Susie used some confusion in the circle and found the net: 2:0!

Maybe we got too confident or we were just tired at that moment, but the third quarter didn’t go as planned. Our game was chaotic and Lausanne was able to use this for there advance. With Josi in the attack(!!) they started a counter attack, but our defence and goalkeeper made sure that we could keep the zero.

In the fourth quarter we found our concentration again and this was immediately rewarded with a short corner in the 60th minute. Inga shot and Tanja only needed to tip the ball in: 3:0! 5 minutes later Virginia could finish the game: 4:0.

The team celebrated with a well deserved picnic in the sun, together with all the GC fans that were here today at Hardhof supporting the team. Thank you for coming!

GC Players:
Tilia Schneider (GK), Dorine von Overbeck (GK), Mieke Franken (C), Viola Trippe, Laura Poulastrou, Inga Bartels, Clara Baumhaeur, Susie Däppen, Conny Hopf, Hanna Wettstein, Virginia Friedrich, Noortje de Wert, Tanja Melle, Hilde Coumou, Romy de Koning

Goal: Tanja Melle (2), Susie Däppen, Virginia Friedrich

Coach: Lukas Roloff