GC Damen 1: GC at the Hallenmasters 2017

Last weekend, the GC Damen were headed for Lucern to play the finals of the indoor season at the Hallenmasters 2017 tournament. A tough schedule ahead: as we ended 4th in the competition, we were meeting the unbeaten team from Rotweiss Wettingen on the first day, in a match for a place in the finals.

Day 1: Grasshopper Club Zürich - Rotweiss Wettingen --- 0:8

As a preparation to the game against RWW, our coach Lukas developed a very defensive tactic, which seems to be very fruitful in the first 10 minutes of the game. Although RWW manages to score the 1:0 through short corner in the second minute, we keep the goal clean for a while. The strong defense and a few amazing saves from our goalie Jose keep the girls from RWW off.

In the 12th minute, the 2:0 falls. After this, we stay strong and even create some chances and a penalty corner, but we can’t seem to exploit these opportunities.

With 3:0 on the ticker, we leave the pitch at half time. Maybe it was the exhaustion, maybe RWW figured out how to get around our tactic, but at any rate, they manage to create many more chances in the second half-time. Through several short corners and individual actions, the Rotweiss girls turn the game around and shoot 5 more goals. Final score: 0:8.

Day 2: Black Boys Hockey Club Genève - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 3:0

After a lovely night with the team in Luzern, we meet Black Girls Genève in the battle for the bronze medal on Sunday morning. One of the games against BB in the normal competition ended in a draw, so we see a proper chance to leave Luzern with the medal. We adjust our defensive tactic a little, and decide to attack with more people than the day before, but the basics stay the same. And although our muscles are rather sour, a proper warm-up with some upbeat music, enlightens our spirits and we enter the pitch feeling positive and strong.

We start of defensive, but the Genfer girls respond calm and organized. Although we do not give away any direct field chances, they manage to get a couple of short corners, which result in a 2:0 down for us at half-time.

Marcel gives us a ardent pep-talk in the break, and we return to the pitch with strengthened moods. We stop several short corners from Genf and even attack more, but it won’t help. After 14 minutes, BBHC scores the 3:0 through a combination on the field. As a response and final try, we take the goalie out and try to battle with 6 against 5, but the Genevan defense is strong and keeps the goal clear. Final score: 3:0.

Finals and fans

Unfortunately, we leave Lucern without a medal. But on a positive note: we have reached the goal on which we agreed in the team meeting at the start of this indoor season, where we decided that we wanted to make it to the finals – something to be proud of! Maybe next year, we aim for the top 3 !??!

All in all, we had a fun weekend and learned a lot from the matches we have played, despite the disappointing scores. A big shout-out to all fans that came to Lucern to support us. THANKS!

The end of a season is the start of a season

The indoor season ends and we will start preparing for the outdoor season soon. The first game is scheduled for the 2nd of April, which leaves us just about time to take a small break and go skiing with all GC Damen in Davos next week. What better way to properly wrap-up the indoor season?

With the end of the season, it is also time for some of us to say goodbye. Luntu decided to go back to South-Africa, where she can be closer to her family and dear friends. As for me, I’m headed back to Amsterdam to start on my first job. From the both of us: thanks a lot for the great time we had with all of you at GC! It has been wonderful to meet so many people from so many different places around the world. Truly, a lot of fun. Thanks!

Team: Tilia, Jose, Janina, Luntu, Tettje, Noortje, Mieke, Mathilde (C), Virginia and Julia

Coaches: Lukas & Marcel