GC Damen 2: Motivated and hard-working - but it was not our day ....

After two intensive training sessions midweek, the NLB team were ready to take part in their second round matches against Rotweiss Wettingen 2 and HC Wettingen.

Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 - Rotweiss Wettingen 2 --- 0:9
The improvements made during the week were obvious from the first whistle. GC played more confidently with better passing and better link-up play between team mates. For the first 6 minutes of the first half against Rotweiss, GC were calm and solid in defence but two quick deflected goals put Rotweiss into the lead.
Laura again had an excellent game in defence and prevented the many of the attacks from coming to fruition, much to the annoyance of the Rotweiss team. But a conceded corner gave Rotweiss another opportunity to increase their lead. Another deflected goal gave them a 0:4 lead at half time.

In the second half, GC had some promising counter-attacks with Hanna and Katha working hard up front to put pressure on the opposition’s defence. In a textbook move, the ball was moved quickly down the left hand side of the pitch to Clara who fired the ball across the goal. Katha was waiting on the back post but her shot agonisingly hit the post.

Having a variety of well-rehearsed short corner routines played into the hands of Rotweiss who scored 5 out of the 9 corners that they were awarded in total. The game ended 0:9 but the team were encouraged by the progress that had been made and were looking forward to the next match against HC Wettingen.

HC Wettingen - Grasshopper Club Zürich  2 --- 4:1
From the beginning, GC looked like the more dominant side and had more of the possession than their opponents. But a quick counter-attack meant that after only 5 minutes GC were behind. Another quick goal followed as HC Wettingen moved the ball swiftly up the pitch, playing one-touch hockey and deflected a shot past Tilia.
Nina almost pulled a goal back at the end of the first half when she was 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper but the goalie was quick to go to ground and smothered the shot. At 0:2 at half time there was still time to get back into the game.

Tilia made some great saves to keep the HC Wettingen forwards frustrated and to give the team a good opportunity to get back into the game but two more goals came in the start of the second half.

GC were determined to still get something from the game and, as the minutes of the game ticked down, the chances for the GC attack increased. Several times we counter- attacked and played some fantastic hockey to make life difficult for the HC Wettingen defence.
Finally, GC were awarded their first corner of the indoor season so far. Laura pushed the ball out to Clara who calmly slotted the ball past the keeper. A few more chances were created by GC in the closing minutes but when the match was over the score was 1:4.

It was disappointing to finish the day without earning a point, especially from the second game where the final score does not reflect how close the game was and how well GC played as a team. However, it was great to play in a group of motivated and hard-working players. Next time we are determined to bring back some points!

Welcome also to Hilde who played for the first time for GC!

GC Players:
Tilia Schneider (GK), Laura Poulastrou, Lyndsay Lomax, Anna Denkeler (C), Hanna Wettstein, Katharina Zachariassen, Hilde Coumou, Nina van der Veen, Clara Bauhauer

Tore: Clara

Coach: Lukas Roloff