GC Damen: GC - SHC 1:1 - Co-lead in the NLB

Once again the match took place at Hardhof, Zurich, this time against Servette HC (Genève). Starting with some cool music in the changing room at 9:30, we were super enthusiastic to play. Marcel gave us some specific instructions for the game after which we were even more motivated to take on our opponents. We were ready to give it all.

The match started at 11:00 o’clock. From the very beginning you could tell the intention of both teams. We both wanted to play for the win. We wanted to take 1st place in the NLB and they wanted to remain there. Both teams started full of energy and fought for every single ball.
In the second quarter we were putting a lot of pressure on them and played a lot in their quarter. Charly and Luntu made a lot of good passes into their defensive area. Julia and Tanja had good balls from the middle too, however, it was really hard to find a clear shot since Servette were playing with a very defensive game strategy. The first half finished 0:0.

During the break we had decided to take a more offensive strategy in order to have more chances to score a goal. We started losing the ball but would immediately recover it. Unfortunately in the 37th minute a strong ball from Servette entered into the circle and they were able to convert this into a goal, giving them a 1 goal lead.

Despite the result and the rain we never gave up! In the last quarter we got a short corner. Our opportunity to score, but the first runner was too quick and was able to stop the shot at goal. Nevertheless the failed short corner did not stop us and we were more convinced we could score a goal. We pressed really hard and put a lot of pressure on their defence and were rewarded for this with an equalising goal by Viola. Only 1 second before the final whistle.

Very relieved about not losing the match, we all got together in a circle and hugged and danced, celebrating our achievement and showing our happiness.

Thanks to the people who, despite the weather, cheered and supported us until the last minute - Hopp GC !!!

Players GC:
Tilia Schneider (GK), Josefine Quack (GK), Vanesa Rocha Martin, Mieke Franken, Luntu Ntloko, Mathilde Dupin (C), Nina Von Berger, Julia Fröschner, Viola Trippe, Charlotte Dahmen, Tanja Melle, Virginia Friedrich, Nicole Arlt, Enara Iturrioz, Laura Ferster.

Coach: Marcel and Claudio