GC Ladies - First round of the Schweizer Cup.

Motivated and with good spirit GC Ladies travel to Lucern to take on SC Luzern.

Highly motivated and with a little feeling of anger for our last 2 matches we arrived in Luzern with 12 players ready to play well. This time with both coaches supporting us, the team talk gave us good tactics and encouragement to have a great warm up.

From the 1st minute Luzern put pressure on our defense, but we did well to keep the ball out, with Tilia Schneider making some important saves. After a quick prep-talk from Marcel and Claudio, we started the 2nd quarter. The constant pressure of Luzern paid off for them after 8 minutes:  the ball went high into the GC goal. 1:0 for Luzern. Four minutes before the end of the second quarter, and after several tries from Luzern, they managed to penetrate our defense and score for the second time.

The half break helped us to recover our breath and get some instructions that led to a goal. Luntu hit the ball into the circle and after several attempts by Mira, Sabine capitalized on a free ball and pushed it into the goal. The following minutes, we pressed hard to try to score a second goal taking some risks that made us vulnerable to counter attacks from which Luzern scored their 3rd goal.

In conclusion,  we are improving every week and we will train hard this Wednesday so we can get a win on our next match against Red Sox.

In spite of our lost, we would like to thank the great support from our 2 coaches Claudio & Marcel & also from some supporters, singing & shouting: Hop GC!!! This was good encouragement for us. And last but not least, we would like to wish Mira a nice stay in Berlin. We will be looking forward to have you again on the field next year!


Players GC:
Tilia Schneider (GK), Nienke Brinkman, Mira Wolf-Bauwens, Nina von Berger, Vanesa Rocha Martin, Linda Sandwell,  Anna Denkeler, Tettje Halbertsma (C), Sabine Glagau, Isabelle Nijman, Mieke Franken,  Luntu Ntloko.

Goals: Sabine Glagau (1)