GC Herren1: Successful start to the second half of the season

GC Herren1: Successful start to the second half of the season

17th of march marked the start of the second half of the outdoor season. Good intensive preparations, some injuries but a high overall motivation was the situation for the first game of 2024, against Servette. Our home, our points set the tone for this game. The expectation was nothing less. 

We started with a high intensity and testing how well our game-plan worked. We were sound rewarded with our first big changes and then also a short corner. From the initial shot, we caught the rebound and a pass to Pupo, who slotteded it in to get the score up to 1:0. 

For the second quarter we continued in a similar pace, testing out combinations and stopping any incoming attacks. Again we got a short corner for us and again slotted it with Lukas M. We carried our 2:0 score into half time. 

Some small adjustments were discussed and the overall reminder that we were in charge and it was up to us how we wanted to finish this game. 

But we unable to commit to this though as we ket more balls get through and got more situations around the circle, eventually leading to a short corner that Servette was able to convert. 2:1. We did not lose our composure however and had a levelled fight. 

For the last quarter we did want to keep these 3 points save, and a 1 goal lead was to little. We found our level from the first half and upped the pace. Getting 2 more shortcorners and converting both with Lukas H shooting! We were leading comfortably, but against Servette, there is never a time to rest. Certainly as they increased their attacks and also long hits into the circle. Eventually leading to a success on their side. 4:2, with few minutes on the clock we kept posession more and focussed on counter prevention.

The final whistle sounded and we had our 3 points. The goal was achieved and we did an important step to the final 4. The next game will be against RWW in Wettingen. The last team we have not beaten this season. 

We thank the fans for supporting us and showing up despite the unappealing weather!

Players: Artur, Ben, Fabio, Jakob, Imma, Lucas H, Lukas E (gk), Lukas M, Pupo, Oli, Pascal, Milan, Rob, Roman, Timon, Tina
Coach: Franco, Ron

Goals: Pupo 1x, Lukas M 1x, Lukas H 2x