GC Damen 2: Fully supported by fans

GC Damen 2: Fully supported by fans

Today’s NLB women’s game was against Lausanne, with a large crowd of GC supporters in attendance.

We started with a decent first quarter, generating numerous shots on goal, but struggled to score. Lausanne had a few chances through counter-attacks, but we often managed to intercept the ball early on. Our performance improved greatly throughout the quarter.
Unfortunately, we conceded a goal at the beginning of the second quarter due to a lack of focus. However, we regained composure quickly and managed to turn the game around in our favour with Lea scoring two goals. Thus, going into half-time with a 2:1 lead.

We had the upper hand the rest of the game with many shots on goal and maintained possession for the majority of the match. Despite our efforts, we were unable to score again. Nevertheless, we successfully defended Lausanne counterattacks, securing a 2:1 victory.