GC Damen 1: One last dance

GC Damen 1: One last dance

Basler Hockey Club - Grasshopper Club Zürich --- 0:0 (0:2 a.P.)

In a nail-biting match GC and Basel clashed in an intense hockey showdown. As it was Luchos last game with us, we aimed to end the season with a solid win. However, both teams were rock-solid on defense, making it nearly impossible to score.

The umpires seemed out of their depth, making some questionable calls that had everyone scratching their heads. Despite the officiating woes, the players stayed focused, turning the game into a fierce back-and-forth battle.
Each team earned shot on goals and short corners, but the defenses held strong, and neither side could find the net during regular play.

With the game ending in a draw, it all came down to a shootout. In the end, Basel never stood a chance—our goalkeeper, Tanja, was a brick wall, stopping every single shot and sealing the win for GC!

At last we want to thank Lucho for these last 3 years, for building a great team and teaching us to always believe in ourselves. Even though we didn't make it to the final four, our team has grown immensely, and we're now on part with the top teams in the league.
And next year, we know we will finally play final four!

Tanja Landtwing
Blandine Lemaire
Carolin Lim
Celina Harte
Eline Habets
Frances Steel
Geri Terzoni
Larissa Lüchinger
Lena Fleiß
Luise Schlegel
Luisina Roby
Lula Guerra
Machteld Bögels
Marieke Pelt
Marina Petrolli
Viola Trippe

Coach: Luciano Ferrario