About the team

About the team

We, the GC Ladies, are the most multinational and mixed team of Switzerland. We speak Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian and of course Swiss German on the pitch and besides hockey we are a wild mix of students, expats, engineers, controllers, teachers, programmers, travel agents, doctors and physiotherapists. We are not only motivated for trainings and competing in matches, but we are also helping out in the club with junior coaching, umpiring, sponsoring events, team organisation and especially team events, because we like to be part of the hockey community here in Zurich.  

This season (2021/21) w have started very motivated in August into the season, with a new trainer team consisting of Markus (head coach) and Laura and Marcel as co-trainers. Also we have welcomed some new players in our team, so that we have a strong and competitive team together for this season. We are playing in the National League B, which is the second highest (ans also lowest) league of Switzerland. The regular playing mode in this league is on a 3/4 pitch with 8 players on each side. It is also possible to agree with the other team to play a full pitch match with 11 aside, which we of course prefer! Our goal is to grow together as a team with all the new players and coaches. We want to win and want to be ready for playing national league A next year. Let’s use our new momentum! Do you want to be part in our journey?

Our goals

  • Real team spirit on and next to the pitch
  • Fitness improvements for all players
  • Have fun and win!

Beside the pitch

Besides regular trainings and matches, we like to socialize and helping in the club life. There are many options to get involved, be it in the team's party comittee, helping out as co-trainer, joining the juniors as coaches for their matches, writing match reports and online articles or others... There are also possibilities to support organizing the European Championship II Girls U18 in Zurich 2021! 

Do you want to join?

Every year unfortunately some players are leaving the team, due to job changes, becoming mom's or finishing studies. Therefore we are always very happy for new players to help us compete, train and enjoy hockey with us! Actually compared to the top hockey leagues of other countries, like Germany, or Netherlands the NLB is not entirely as competitive. So if you "only" want to train 1-2 times a week, but used to play some hockey back in your home country, don't be shy and come along to the hockey pitch! You will love it! :-) 

We are always looking for new players, who share our passion about hockey, like being part of a club and a team. So feel free to join us, be it at the beginning of the outdoor or indoor season, in the middle of the season, in the party season, or simply as soon as you have moved to Zurich. 

Please bring your own stick, protection wear and AstroTurf shoes if possible. But if you need to borrow something for the first couple of trainings, there are some spare sticks available. For more information and any questions you can contact Conny.

See you soon on the pitch...! The GC ladies!