About the team

About the team

In September 2013 we started to form our new ladies' team. We made great developments to form a core GC ladies' team of players from all over the world who are eager to play against all teams within Switzerland and are motivated for training, helping out in the club live and for team and social activities. 

There is now a core team, but also there is always room for new players, who want to train with us, play with us, win with us, enjoy the club social life with us, help us to train our youngsters and grow with us!

Recent achievements

  • Outdoor season 2016 / 2017 National league B: 4th
  • Indoor season 2016/17 National league A: 4th
  • Indoor season 2016 / 2017 National league B: 6th
  • Outdoor season 2015/16 National league B: Champion
  • Indoor season 2015/16 National league A: 5th (Liga-Erhalt!)
  • Indoor season 2014/15 National league B: Champion
  • Outdoor season 2013/14 1st league (7 aside): Champion
  • Indoor season 2013/14 National league B: 2nd


Our goals

This outdoor season we are playing against 5 other strong teams in the NLA (there is no NLB this year). We have the great chance to use this to improve our skills a lot and develop as a team. We will be working on our fitness, our stick skills and to grow as a team. If we will be enough players, we will start in September with a second women's team to compete also in the "1. liga" which is the 7aside legaue of Switzerland.

Do you want to join?

If you love hockey like us, like being part of a club and and a team, you are ALWAYS welcome to join us, be it at the beginning of the outdoor or indoor season, in the middle of the season, in the drinking season, or simply as soon as you have moved to Zurich. ;-) Just feel free to come along to one of our Wednesday's trainings to get to know us!

Please bring your own stick, protection wear and AstroTurf shoes if possible. But if you need to borrow something for the first couple of trainings, there are some spare sticks available. For more information and any questions you can contact Wendela.

See you soon on the pitch...! The GC ladies!